A 3 hour Private Fine Dining Event Curated for an Intimate Group of 8 Guests

Let us take you on a culinary journey of flavor exploration that celebrates creativity and the beauty of plant-based cuisine, all within the enchanting ambiance of a New York City garden terrace while the sun sets over the stunning backdrop view of the Manhattan skyline.
Enjoy a 7-course which is all scratch made, incorporates molecular gastronomy techniques, and showcases special ingredients sourced from the garden. As each dish is served, Chef Mario will walk you through his process for creating each dish and answer any questions you may have.
As a token of appreciation for dining with us for the evening, each guest will also receive a gift bag packed with a loaf of freshly baked focaccia, a jar of pasta sauce, and an assortment of aromatic herbs from the garden, allowing you to bring a touch of the Eight Eat Experience back home.

The Eight Eat Experience

Our goal is to connect people around the dinner table over fun and creative plant-based dishes in a New York City garden getaways.

Our mission is to bring back the joyous experience of communal dining, where the present moment is savored and cherished.

We look forward to serving you.
$ 175.00 USD

Eight Eat | June 25th

Eight Eat is a curated private plant-based dining experience hosted by Chef Mario Buccellati. The mission is to bring people closer together to the generous present moment through food.

This 7-course dinner takes place on a beautiful rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Manhattan Skyline. Everything on the menu is made fresh and with premium ingredients.

Chef Mario will walk you through the techniques & inspiration behind each dish as well as answer any questions that guests may have at the end of the meal.

Each guest will receive a complimentary 72 hour proofed focaccia.

We look forward to serving you.


Chef Mario is an exceptional host and his finesse in presentation is nothing short of extraordinary. As you indulge in his masterful creations, he graciously shares the backdrop of inspiration for each dish, unveiling the remarkable ingenuity, devotion, and adoration infused into every bite. The parting gesture of personally curated packages, filled with garden-fresh produce and delectable treats, serves as a testament to his dedication to ensuring that his guests depart with a lasting impression that is unforgettable. He exudes passion when sharing how he creates each component of the dishes from scratch. Chef Mario has a clear and profound devotion to plant-based cooking that breathes new life and respect for the food we ate. The Eight Eat Experience is one-of-a-kind that everyone in NYC can enjoy and we cannot wait to experience what he's cooking up next season! It was quite a pleasure.
Lauren D.
July 2023
When I first heard about Mario's Eat Eight Experience, I thought I would go one time only as an experience that I was pretty sure I would like. He really blew my mind in a way I could not anticipate. All the flavors and complexity of each of his dishes were incredible, and it wasn't only that, I was super nervous about going by myself, and I had the best time ever. It ended up as an opportunity to connect with other people and have a fantastic meal together. That being said, I've been going to his dinners for the last 3 menus and I keep getting amazed each time. I highly recommend it.
Beatriz A.
September 2022
My husband and I had such a great time at the Eight Eat Experience, and we can't thank you enough! First of all, the food was incredible, and it's obvious how much time and care Mario puts into his craft. Each dish was delicious, and surprising in how creative the flavor combinations were. In addition to the great food, the atmosphere was lovely, and totally unique. Food is truly something that brings people together, and to meet six new people over such a beautiful meal, was really special. Thank you again for an amazing evening! We will definitely be back in the future.
Lauren W.
June 2023
The Eight Eat Experience by Mario Buccellati is like nothing else you've ever experienced. A dinner party with people who start as strangers and end as friends. Thoughtful, beautiful, delicious vegan food with a view that cannot be beat. Mario is a thoughtful, innovative chef the likes of whom are hard to find. He's in a class all his own. I can't wait to visit Mario in his future Michelin star NYC restaurant and say "I knew him when!"
Tamar A.
August 2022
When I first learned of the Eight Eat Experience I was excited and eager to take part in this special event.  The food was incredible, the location breathtaking and company of other guests all unknown to me made for a special shared evening. Each course was so exquisitely created and displayed and presented me with new found flavors, techniques and food flavorings.  I highly recommend anyone interested in creatively crafted food dishes, vegan or not to take part in this experience.
Jenni C.
July 2023
What a beautiful experience with artful food by the talented Mario Buccellati. A 7 course plant-based dinner on a roof top overlooking the city to celebrate my friend's birthday in our love language of food and adventure. I highly recommend the Eight Eat Experience. I appreciate the innovation and elevation in plant-based cooking with family values around the intimacy of dining together. The event hosts only 8 and has a steady flow of food for 3 hours.

Geeta K.
July 2022
It may be an addiction...but it’s one that doesn’t hurt anybody (or any animals). Attended another amazing dinner prepared by the talented Mario Buccellati. We were absolutely blown away by this 7-course plant-based tasting menu, part of The Eight Eat Experience. Everything is handmade, inventive, and delicious. It was an out of this world meal and experience and I can’t wait until next time!
Megan L.
September 2022
'Experience' is the right word, and the evening is a special one at that. Chef Mario's "Eat Eight Experience" is part dinner party, part flavor exploration. As final preparations were being made in the kitchen I met my fellow guests on the terrace over a glass of wine amongst the potted garden, taking in the striking Manhattan skyline. We settled into our seats and were formally welcomed to the evening. Conversation and laughter around the table with new friends was punctuated by Chef Mario's presentation of each uniquely creative and thoughtfully crafted course, each a celebration of vibrant seasonal flavors and artistic precision. At the end of the meal we tried, and failed, to determine which dish was "best."  Mario returned to chat with us, welcoming all our questions - mostly, esponse to the nuanced depth of flavors and textures. His passion for food and its ability to bring people together, paired with a remarkably seamless presentation, makes for a delicious, comfortable, and truly memorable experience.
Cameron C.
June 2022

Frequently Ask Questions

Where does this experience take place?

We are currently hosting The Eight Eat Experience in New York City but we are open to travel. The address for this exclusive experience is disclosed upon purchase.

What is the timeframe of this experience?

The Eight Eat Experience lasts about 3 hours. Each course is served every 20 minutes. We kindly ask guests to arrive at 15 minutes early to socialize with other guests before sitting down for dinner.

Does this event include alcoholic beverages?

The Eight Eat Experience is BYOB, no alcohol is served or sold at our dinners but guests are invited to bring their own wine and a wine fridge is available for chilling. However, each experience is served with mocktail pairings.

Can I book out an Eight Eat Experience for my party?

Absolutely! We've hosted birthday's, team building events, and wedding anniversaries. Please submit your request through the contact button below. We look forward to serving you.

What is your cancellation policy?

This event is non-refundable due to demand and limited seating.

No exchanges for other dates.

All sales are final.

Still more questions?